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Julia Dawson - Member

Julia Dawson

Julia Dawson, was born and raised in·Miami,·Florida. ·In the early 1970’s she became active in the feminist movement, primarily with the National Organization for Women (NOW). ·Under her leadership as president, the South Brevard Chapter established the South Brevard Women’s Center in 1975, which is still open today serving the needs of women in that area. ·Julia was also active with the Brevard ERA Coalition and marched for the ERA in·Florida and·Washington in the 1970s. ·She entered·Antioch·School·of Law in·Washington,·DC·at age 35 and after graduating moved back to·Miami·where she lives today. Ms. Dawson has served on the Board of Directors of the·Dade·County·Chapter of the·Florida·Association for Women Lawyers. Ms. Dawson also served on the Board of SaveDade which led the fight to successfully pass·Miami-Dade·County’s Human Rights Ordinance.··In 1994 she founded the·Miami·Clinic Access Project which organizes pro-choice community activists to defend local abortion clinics. ·Ms. Dawson is a former Board member of the·Miami·Workers·Center·and currently serves on the Board of Movement Catalyst,·a Liberty·City·based organization which fights racism, poverty, and builds community leadership.