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Teague Gonzalez - Treasurer

Teague Gonzalez

Teague González is an attorney. For the last five years, Teague lived in Oakland, California and worked in West Oakland at the Homeless Action Center as a staff attorney directly representing homeless, disabled adults and children. She worked on-site providing legal services to shelter residents in East Oakland, engaged in welfare defense by training law students and volunteer attorneys to represent welfare recipients at their hearings, and worked in the county jail representing disabled inmates before their release. Now as a solo practitioner, she continues to represent disabled adults and children in their quest to attain Social Security Disability Insurance and/or SSI entitlement benefits. She is a graduate of the New College School of Public Interest Law in San Francisco, California. She is currently a national vice president of the National Lawyers Guild and previously was the president of the National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. Teague was born and raised in El Paso, Texas and lives in Miami with her partner.