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Rosana Araujo - Grassroots Steering Committee, MIA member

Rosana Araujo

Rosana Araujo, was born on May 3, 1968 in Montevideo, Uruguay. As a young activist woman, Ms. Araujo has always participated in students and pro-land movements, as well as woman’s rights movements and fighting against violence towards women. She was a part of social coordination as a volunteer for UNICEF, ‘Comuna Mujer’ and ‘Lucha por la Tierra’, in Montevideo, Uruguay. Ms. Araujo has been living in Miami since December 13, 2002. She joined MWC's Miami En Accion (MIA) in 2009 through participating at Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) meetings and actions. Currently, she is the·Media Correspondent for Community Radio “El Prado” FM 99.9· Montevideo, Uruguay and is·a part of Sisterhood of Survivors (S.O.S.) as well as We-Count! in Homestead, FL.