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An exciting announcement on Women's Equality Day!

On August 26th, 1920, women in the United States were given the right to vote, and since 1971 that day is recognized as Women’s Equality Day.

To honor this date, we are happy to announce that we will be hosting the 1st Women's Economic Congress in South Florida and your are invited!

Even though it's been almost a century since women won the right to vote, not all can exercise their democratic right. Lack of affordable housing and childcare, living wages, safe communities, access to reproductive health care, lack of public transportation, unfair work environments and practices against women, heightened racism and discrimination against people of color and queer bodies, make it hard for many women to go to the polls.

As we honor and uplift Women’s Equality Day, we must recognize that there is still much needed to ensure ensure gender equality and gender justice for women. Just like the 1920’s, women today face many barriers and economic disadvantages, which makes equality almost impossible for women and girls and prevent them from being full political beings.

At Femme Agenda we will create an inclusive gender justice space where women, girls and femme Floridians come together to talk about how poverty, inequality and lack of economic empowerment affect our lives in many ways, from being able to take care of our families, to staying healthy and being able to save ourselves from abusive situations. Together, we will set an agenda that identifies the issues we care about, the policies and politics we will vote for in these elections, and the solutions we expect from Florida’s elected leaders.

We are at a major turning point in the U.S. for women and there is too much at stake. Despite there being a woman as a major Presidential candidate, women’s issues, particularly those impacting working class women, have still not been at the forefront of this election.

Women’s vote in Florida will be crucial in November. We are a powerful part of the electorate and our votes could be highly impactful. We must vote our conscience to move a women’s economic agenda over locally, statewide and federally.

Join us on October 1st at Femme Agenda, South Florida's 1st Women's Economic Congress.

Let's build together a world where women’s equality can be more than a day.

Community Conversation: The Impact of Climate Change on Women and Frontline Communities

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Our communities in Florida know by experience about the impact of natural disasters due to climate change. From hurricane Andrew to Wilma.
Displacement from our communities, our homes, our culture, family roots is part of our narrative, whether political, economic or as a result of climate disasters. On top of that, the rising sea levels threaten to accelerate and compound our daily struggles to survive. Climate change can be found behind everyone one of these crises – from families being displaced from their community to devastating rise in the cost of living. Miami is at the center of climate change, our city is one of the most threatened and vulnerable when it comes to direct impacts to property and lives. And when it comes to intangible impacts in the aftermath of disasters, women and children are at the center. These impacts can include increased rates of gender-based or sexual violence, unequal access to humanitarian assistance, loss of economic opportunities, etc. However, women are often excluded from the decision-making processes around climate change as well as disaster risk-management.
In preparation for Miami People's Climate March, on October 14th, let’s take a first step in bringing women to the frontline of the organizing around climate change and the creation of policies to protect Floridians from the aftermath of natural disaster. Please join the Miami Workers center and Miami People's Climate March in a conversation about The impact of Climate Change on women and frontline communities.


The Government of the Dominican Republic is preparing to deport thousands of people that they believe are Haitian. The national purge is of both Haitian nationals and people born in the Dominican Republic who are of Haitian descent. There is no doubt that the initiative represents a clear attempt at ethnic cleansing, targeting Black Haitians regardless of where they were born. While media outlets continue to distort the reality of what is transpiring, our guest speakers Dominican writer Junot Díaz, Haitian- American Writer, lecturer Edwidge Danticat , Florida International University Law Professor, Edilberto Roman, will address the issue and its background, roots, and implications. We will discuss its relationship to the present Black Lives Matter Movement and how women and children have been disproportionately affected. Women and children will continue to be the main victims of the systemic violence being struck on the Haitian community in the Dominican Republic. Come be part of this most pressing discussion.

Take action to #EndFamilyDetention

Take action to #EndFamilyDetention *Este mensaje sigue en español abajo. Friends, Since last summer, thousands of mothers and children have been locked up in immigrant detention facilities simply for seeking safety for their children in the United States. This Mothers’ Day, We Belong Together is collaborating with more than a dozen organizations to demand that ICE Director Sarah Saldaña release all the mothers and children in detention and end the practice of family detention immediately. Click here take action to end this inhumane practice. The women held in these detention facilities have made incredible sacrifices to seek safety for their children. The majority of the mothers who are being detained with their little ones are asylum seekers fleeing terrible violence in their home countries. Instead of finding the protection they need in the United States, they're being met with indefinite detention. Conditions inside the detention facilities are so terrible that dozens of mothers have taken on hunger strikes to protest the treatment of their children. As a mother, I cannot imagine the pain that these mothers feel watching their children suffer. I am humbled and inspired by their powerful courage. Please join me in honoring the sacrifices of these courageous mothers this Mothers Day by signing the petition demanding an end to family detention immediately. Thank you. —Andrea, on behalf of the entire We Belong Together Team ________________________________________ Amistad, Desde el verano pasado, miles de madres y niños han sido encarceladas en centros de detención para migrantes por el simple hecho de buscar asilo y seguridad para sus hijos en los Estados Unidos. Este Día de la Madre, Nos Mantenemos Unidas está colaborando con más de una docena de organizaciones para exigir a la Directora de ICE, Sarah Saldaña, libertad para todas las mamás y niños en los centros de detención y poner alto a la detención de familias. Haz clic aquí para tomar acción para acabar con esta política inhumana. Las mujeres en estos centros de detención han hecho grandes sacrificios para proteger a sus hijos. La mayoría de las madres detenidas con sus chiquillos están solicitando el asilo y huyendo de violencia terrible en sus países de origen. Pero en vez de encontrar la protección que necesitan aquí en los Estados Unidos, han sido recibidas con una detención indefinida. Las condiciones dentro de los centros de detención son tan terribles que docenas de madres han participado en huelgas de hambre para protestar el maltrato de sus hijos. Como madre, no me puedo imaginar el dolor que han de sentir estas mamás al ver a sus hijos sufrir. Me inspira ver su poder y su valentía. Por favor únete con nosotras honrando los sacrificios de estas madres valientes en este Día de la Madre y firma la petición exigiendo un alto a la detención de familias. Gracias. —Andrea, de parte de todo el equipo de Nos Mantenemos Unidas

Domestic Workers Stand with the #Fight for 15

Domestic Workers Stand with the #Fight for 15 Miami, Florida, 4/15/2015— Domestic workers in Miami (nannies, house keepers and homecare workers) will join fast food, retail, restaurant, and other low-wage workers from across the South today to participate in one of the largest labor actions in history. These workers, organized by the Miami Workers Center, will be on hand for interviews when Miami residents gather Wednesday, April 15, at 5:30 p.m. at Greater Bethel AME Church (245 NW 8th St. Miami, Florida 33136). “I am joining the fight for $15 because with my salary as a domestic worker I am forced to choose between taking care of my basic needs and providing for my family. No human being should have to make those choices” says Reina Gomez, a domestic worker and cancer survivor, without health insurance. The domestic workforce is composed mainly of immigrant women of color who earn substandard pay, rarely receive benefits or health care, and are subject to multiple forms of abuse at the workplace. Today, domestic workers are voicing their support for the fight for $15 and will be highlighting their fight against poverty wages that continue to force women and their families to make impossible decisions, such as paying rent, affording health insurance, buying groceries, etc. Domestic workers are saying No to the Feminization of Poverty. What: Miami Fight for 15 March & Rally Who: Domestic Workers organized by the Miami Workers Center When: Wednesday April 15 Time: 5:30 pm Location: Greater Bethel AME Church: 245 NW 8th St. Miami, Florida 33136 ###