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The Government of the Dominican Republic is preparing to deport thousands of people that they believe are Haitian. The national purge is of both Haitian nationals and people born in the Dominican Republic who are of Haitian descent. There is no doubt that the initiative represents a clear attempt at ethnic cleansing, targeting Black Haitians regardless of where they were born. While media outlets continue to distort the reality of what is transpiring, our guest speakers Dominican writer Junot Díaz, Haitian- American Writer, lecturer Edwidge Danticat , Florida International University Law Professor, Edilberto Roman, will address the issue and its background, roots, and implications. We will discuss its relationship to the present Black Lives Matter Movement and how women and children have been disproportionately affected. Women and children will continue to be the main victims of the systemic violence being struck on the Haitian community in the Dominican Republic. Come be part of this most pressing discussion.