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Community Conversation: The Impact of Climate Change on Women and Frontline Communities

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Our communities in Florida know by experience about the impact of natural disasters due to climate change. From hurricane Andrew to Wilma.
Displacement from our communities, our homes, our culture, family roots is part of our narrative, whether political, economic or as a result of climate disasters. On top of that, the rising sea levels threaten to accelerate and compound our daily struggles to survive. Climate change can be found behind everyone one of these crises – from families being displaced from their community to devastating rise in the cost of living. Miami is at the center of climate change, our city is one of the most threatened and vulnerable when it comes to direct impacts to property and lives. And when it comes to intangible impacts in the aftermath of disasters, women and children are at the center. These impacts can include increased rates of gender-based or sexual violence, unequal access to humanitarian assistance, loss of economic opportunities, etc. However, women are often excluded from the decision-making processes around climate change as well as disaster risk-management.
In preparation for Miami People's Climate March, on October 14th, let’s take a first step in bringing women to the frontline of the organizing around climate change and the creation of policies to protect Floridians from the aftermath of natural disaster. Please join the Miami Workers center and Miami People's Climate March in a conversation about The impact of Climate Change on women and frontline communities.