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An exciting announcement on Women's Equality Day!

On August 26th, 1920, women in the United States were given the right to vote, and since 1971 that day is recognized as Women’s Equality Day.

To honor this date, we are happy to announce that we will be hosting the 1st Women's Economic Congress in South Florida and your are invited!

Even though it's been almost a century since women won the right to vote, not all can exercise their democratic right. Lack of affordable housing and childcare, living wages, safe communities, access to reproductive health care, lack of public transportation, unfair work environments and practices against women, heightened racism and discrimination against people of color and queer bodies, make it hard for many women to go to the polls.

As we honor and uplift Women’s Equality Day, we must recognize that there is still much needed to ensure ensure gender equality and gender justice for women. Just like the 1920’s, women today face many barriers and economic disadvantages, which makes equality almost impossible for women and girls and prevent them from being full political beings.

At Femme Agenda we will create an inclusive gender justice space where women, girls and femme Floridians come together to talk about how poverty, inequality and lack of economic empowerment affect our lives in many ways, from being able to take care of our families, to staying healthy and being able to save ourselves from abusive situations. Together, we will set an agenda that identifies the issues we care about, the policies and politics we will vote for in these elections, and the solutions we expect from Florida’s elected leaders.

We are at a major turning point in the U.S. for women and there is too much at stake. Despite there being a woman as a major Presidential candidate, women’s issues, particularly those impacting working class women, have still not been at the forefront of this election.

Women’s vote in Florida will be crucial in November. We are a powerful part of the electorate and our votes could be highly impactful. We must vote our conscience to move a women’s economic agenda over locally, statewide and federally.

Join us on October 1st at Femme Agenda, South Florida's 1st Women's Economic Congress.

Let's build together a world where women’s equality can be more than a day.