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Say No On Amendment 6


Miami Workers Center and its Grassroots Gender Justice Council Sisterhood of Survivors says “NO on AMENDMENT 6”

Amendment 6 is an amendment referred by the Florida Legislature to the November 6 general election that will allow politicians to interfere with women’s personal decisions regarding their health and their body.


· This amendment discriminates against women and takes away a woman’s fundamental right to choose.

·This amendment would take back women’s rights protected under the Florida Constitution. (Right to privacy that is sometimes used in Florida to challenge abortion laws)

·This amendment would make the existing federal ban on public funding for most abortions (exceptions are rape, incest and medical condition threaten the mother’s life) part of the state constitution.

·Amendment 6 would not expand existing federal prohibitions or exceptions to the use of public funds for abortion , it will only duplicate the existing federal prohibitions

In 1980, Florida passed a constitutional amendment that says “...Every natural person has the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into the person’s private life…”  If Amendment 6 pass, it would mean parental-notification laws or other types of procedural abortion legislation passed by state legislators would no longer be subject to challenge under the state’s privacy law.