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Unemployment Benefits for Victims of Domestic Violence

SOS Unemployment TallahasseeMany survivors of domestic violence and sexual assaults are often forced to leave their work to protect themselves, their families and their coworkers. Sometimes, losing their income might stop women from escaping an abusive relationship, or might push them and their children into poverty if they have to quit their job.

We are organizing to pass unemployment compensation legislation that will allow victims of domestic violence to qualify for unemployment compensation when they have to quit their job to protect themselves and their children, until they find a new job to sustain their family. 



Drive Safe Sunshine State

DL-Logo-Final-map1Currently, there are approximately 1 million Floridians who can't apply for a Driver's License because of their immigration status. This means that there are thousands of Floridians who can't drive to take their kids to school, go to the doctor or event to church. It also means that, when they are forced to drive, they have to do so without insurance and proper training on road rules, as well as risk being arrested and or deported. 

The Miami Workers Center is part of the Drive Safe Sunshine State Campaign that supports granting all Florida drivers the right to apply for a Driver's License. 

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Free Marissa Alexander

Free Marissa RallyMarissa Alexander is a mother of three and a domestic violence survivor from Jacksonville, FL, who was sentenced to 20 years of prison for defending herself from her abusive husband. In 2012, a couple of days after giving birth to her son, Marissa fired a warning shot to stop her husband from beating her to death. Even though no one was hurt after the shot, Marissa is currently being taken to trial once again and will probably face a 60 year prison sentence. 

The Miami Workers Center supports the "Free Marissa Alexander" campaign, and organizes victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse who are being criminalized by the Criminal Justice System and our government's policies and practices. 


House the People

Homes For All Day of Action SmallMiami ranks #1 in the USA for housing unaffordability. Public and subsidized housing is often difficult to come by, and there are currently over 70,000 people on Miami-Dade's waiting list.

Our "House the People" Campaign seeks to find a solution for Miamians who are currently waiting for public or subsidized housing from the Miami-Dade Public Housing and Community Development Department (PHCD). We work mainly in Liberty City and Allapattah, two of the neighborhoods with the majority of families seeking public housing for their families.  



Municipal ID

Municipal ID FrontSince 2012, the Miami Workers Center is working actively to promote a Municipal ID for the City of Miami. This ID will thousands of Miamians fully participate in our economy and our city. 

In Miami, many  do not have standard identification. Whether because they are poor or undocumented immigrants. These people are less likely to report crimes to the police and more likely to be victims of crime. They also confront more obstacles to access both public and private services, such as banks and libraries. These are the people that constitute a large portion of Miami's workforce. However, not having an identification does not allow them to fully participate in the city's economy and community.

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