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Marcia Olivo, Gender Justice Coordinator latest entry in the "On the Move Blog" for Move to End Violence. In this entry Marcia provides us her opinion on Feminism and the New American Reality. Below is an excerpt of her entry. To view full blog entry and/or to make comments please follow link to


Feminism and the New American Reality

By Marcia Olivo   

My state is an interesting place to be politically. Known around the world for always being late in publishing the results of the presidential elections, but that’s another matter. Florida also reflects many of the changes being experienced throughout the United States. We were the center of the foreclosure crisis and one of the hardest hit in the resulting economic recession. We are still a key destination for retiring seniors from across the country, and there is a growing gap between our aging population and our younger generation, with the aging folks being largely white and middle class and the younger generations increasingly of color and working class. In addition to age polarization, there is also great income inequality. The state is notoriously conservative, has no income tax, and is a haven for corporations and wealthy individuals who want to avoid taxes. As a result, the state infrastructure for education, health, and services is almost non-existence. These changes have contributed to create a new Florida and, as this trend is not unique to our state, they also represent the New America. It is an America that is growing in racial and ethnic diversity, and increasingly polarized by age, wealth and race, and  connected to the global economy more than ever...Click Here For More.





Plotting for Racial Equity—an action-research collaboration between
the Miami Workers Center, The Ohio State Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity and the Research
Institute on Social and Economic Policy (RISEP) at Florida International University

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Get in the Game - Civic Participation and Community Organizing

Get in the Game is a call for grassroots social justice organizers and activists to engage in voter workout in order to further the fight for justice.

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Displacing the Dream
Media Coverage of Gentrification Prologue by Gihan Perera

Displacing the Dream: A report on Bay Area Newspaper Coverage of Devlopment and Gentrification - published by the Center for Media Justice . Prologue by Gihan Perera, Executive Director of the Miami Workers Center. 
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New Americans
Featuring Miami Workers Center's Black/Brown Alliance Building


Miami Workers Center's Black/Brown alliance building work is featured in the publication New Americans produced by
Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees Rights. 

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The Right to the City
An interview with Gihan Perera about the Right to the City Frame Work

Right To The City: A Conversation between Donor Activist Connie Cagampang Heller and Gihan Perera,
Miami Workers Center Executive Director about the Right to the City framework.

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Building Another World
A Report from the south East Social Forum

A report from the Miami Workers Center trip to the Southeast Social Forum, which took place in Durham,  North Carolina in June 2006.

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 Organizing in the Face of Disaster
Miami Workers Center organizing work after Hurricane Wilma

A narrative of the work MWC did in the wake of Hurricane Wilma.

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Disaster: The new State of the State
A theoretical polemic on the role of the state in relation to disasters, race and poverty 

A widely circulated theoretical document written in the wake of Hurricanes
Katrina and Wilma addressing the role of the state in disaster situations in relation to race and poverty.

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Liberty City Business Study
The effects of gentrification on small business in Miami

Libery City Business Development Study
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In June of 2005 MWC along with Neighbors and Neighbors Association, Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy Florida International University , and Center for Urban Economic Development University of Illinois at Chicago , published a study about the effects of gentrification on the small businesses. The report focuses on a commercial corridor in the Liberty City, a historically Black and low-income neighborhood in Miami.





Take Back the Vote
A report on Miami Workers center's voter defense work in 2004

The Take Back the Vote Campaign began in 2004 calling for organizations and individuals in poor and disenfranchised communities to actively monitor and defend the right to vote through grassroots training, participation and action. This is a report of the 2004 campaign.

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RootCause Community Impact Report
An examination of the impacts of neoliberalism on communities in Miami


Community Impact Report produced by RootCause, a coalition of grassroots organizations (including MWC and LIFFT) that mobilized against the FTAA ministerials held in Miami in 2003. The report examines the impact of neoliberal policies on local communities.

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