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Drive Safe Sunshine State



Currently, there are approximately 1 million Floridians who can't apply for a Driver's License because of their immigration status. This means that there are thousands of Floridians who can't drive to take their kids to school, go to the doctor or event to church. It also means that, when they are forced to drive, they have to do so without insurance and proper training on road rules, as well as risk being arrested and or deported.

The Miami Workers Center is part of the Drive Safe Sunshine State Campaign that supports granting all Florida drivers the right to apply for a Driver's License. Our State Legislature can approve new legislation that would require all drivers to apply for a driver's licenses, pass a driving test and get insured, independent of their immigration  status.

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Support Driver's Licenses for ALL drivers in Florida so we can all drive safe in the Sunshine state


Apoya las licencias de conducir para TODOS los conductores de la Florida, y así podremos conducir seguros en el estado del sol


What are the benefits of Driver's Licenses for all?

If Florida requires every driver to apply for a Driver’s License, all Floridians will benefit from: 

• Safer roads because all drivers will be required to take a driving test 
• More drivers will be covered by car insurance 
• Lower insurance premiums for all Floridians 
• Increased revenue to our state because there will be new drivers paying fees to register their car, take a driving test and renew their tag 
• A boost to our local economy because licensed drivers can more easily purchase vehicles and car insurance 

What other states have Driver's Licenses for all drivers?
11 other states have passed similar legislation to make driver’s licenses a requirement for all drivers, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Maryland and Washington D.C.