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County ID

 Municipal ID Front


Since 2012, the Miami Workers Center is working actively to promote a County ID for all Miami-Dade County Residents. 

In Miami, many people do not have standard identification. Whether because they are poor or undocumented immigrants. These people are less likely to report crimes to the police and more likely to be victims of crime. They also confront more obstacles to access both public and private services, such as banks and libraries. These are the people that constitute a large portion of Miami's workforce. However, not having an identification does not allow them to fully participate in the city's economy and community.

5 cities throughout the country have already adopted the City ID: Trenton, NJ; New Haven, CT; San Francisco, Oakland and Richmond, CA.

What is the Municipal ID?

Is a form of identification issued by a municipality instead of by the state or the federal government. The I.D. is only valid withing the jurisdiction of that municipality and its permits are determined by the issuing municipality. 

What benefits does it bring to our community? 

  • Better communication between our local police and local residents resulting in greater safety
  • More integration of our city's residents with our local businesses
  • More integration of our city's residents and our civic institutions
  • A more integrated society where everyone has a chance to live a life with dignity, regardless of nationality or immigration status