Organizing. Consciousness. Power.

We believe that truly liberating change will result from a social justice movement whose power and vision is rooted in the lives, experiences, and solutions of everyday, working class people. In order to eradicate racism, sexism, economic exploitation and poverty, our central work is to build grassroots organization and leadership amongst low-wage workers, women, African-Americans, immigrants, Latinos, and the poor. 

The organizations are called "Grassroots Councils." These councils exist in different geographic regions, but share common organizing campaigns, and movement work.


Low-Income Families Fighting Together (LIFFT)

2000 - Present

We are an organization of mothers, fathers, workers, residents and people who are trying to survive in Miami. We work low-wage jobs and live on small or fixed-incomes.  We struggle against racism everyday. We are fighting for opportunity, equality, respect, and power within our communities. We aim to keep the politicians honest, the government fair, and to stop corporations from putting their greed before our needs. We do this by organizing and uniting to become effective leaders.

History & Issues: LIFFT was originally founded as Minority Families Fighting Against Wages (MFFAW) in 1999. The roots of the organization are in the Liberty Square Housing Projects, affectionately known as the Pork n' Beans. Through MFFAW, the Workers Center helps women to organize against WAGEs, the local agency responsible for the welfare to work program. MFFAW dissolved and LIFFT was born through the fight to save the Pork n' Beans. Since then, housing has become the major issue for LIFFT as it took on other public housing issues, tenants' rights, and the impacts of gentrification on the African-American Community. LIFFT has become one of the strongest and most influential grassroots organizations in Miami-Dade County.


Miami in Action/Miami en Acción


We are an organization of mostly Latino neighbors who have found common cause and inspiration from Low-Income Families Fighting Together. Like LIFFT we are an organization of mothers, fathers, workers, residents and people who are trying to survive in Miami. We work low-wage jobs and live on small or fixed-incomes. ·We are proud to be Latinos and we are proud to fight with LIFFT as we move forward for racial and economic justice in MIami and beyond.

History & Issues: Miami in Action/Miami en Acción is based in the neighborhoods of Wynwood, Buena Vista, and Allapattah - all of which are working class, Latino neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are at risk of wholesale gentrification. Wynwood is facing massive redevelopment as the city and corporate developers are pushing to make the area into a bohemian enclave. Allapattah is facing wide spread slumlord situations and Buena Vista is getting assaulted with raising rents for working class people as Wynwood is gentrified. MIA is building a core of leaders from renters and homeowners in the area and building alliances to preserve the working class community.



Sisterhood of Survivors (S.O.S.)

June 2012

S.O.S is an organizing group led by survivors of domestic violence and natural supporters (i.e. caregivers, family members, and friends who have also been impacted by family violence). The purpose of S.O.S is to bring survivors of all ages, races, nationalities, religious beliefs, and socio-economic backgrounds together to address violence against women and society's response to it. As a survivor-led organizing group, S.O.S is working toward creating the changes needed to end violence against women.

S.O.S was created in 2008 out of a need for survivors of domestic violence to be involved in the decision-making process with the domestic violence system. The organization officially merged with the Miami Workers Center (MWC) in June, 2012 and became the Gender Justice grassroots council of the organization.   The fact is that many decisions about services and policies regarding victims and survivors of domestic violence are made by individuals who have not had to utilize these services. These individuals want to do the best job possible, but this can only occur when there is a partnership with those most impacted by domestic violence. S.O.S is unifying and raising the voices of survivors to bring attention to the impact of violence that they and their families have experienced so that they can create positive change in the system.

S.O.S empowers its members by providing them with the tools needed to enhance their self-esteem, build leadership, and find their inner power. They have been involved in a process to define the values that represent S.O.S - respect, equality, courage, support, love, sisterhood, change, safety, determination, power, action, self-esteem, non-judgment, integrity, diversity, and leadership - and have been involved in the development of the group by giving their input at every meeting and attending different events, such as the Bridging Families and Communities Summit, The DVSAC Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Council, and press conferences showing solidarity to groups that are demanding justice for immigrants. They are also doing outreach throughout Miami-Dade County to recruit and inform more survivors and natural supporters about S.O.S.

Sisterhood of Survivors (S.O.S) is an organizing group led by survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. The purpose of S.O.S is to empower survivors to organize and raise consciousness to effectuate systemic and social change to end violence against women. S.O.S firmly believes that joining forces with the wisdom and experiences of those most affected by domestic violence and sexual assault is critical to our mission.

For too many centuries, the public and system's response to domestic violence and sexual assault has been to treat it solely as a family problem. Thereby, the "fix" to the problem has been generally thought to be within the confines of the family structure. Under this framework, the victim is blamed for the domestic violence and sexual assault. In fact, this ineffective societal approach to the problem has resulted in more people, especially women and children, becoming statistics. S.O.S is working diligently to prevent this from happening.