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Circle of Consciousness (COC)

Circle of Consciousness (COC)
is a weekly popular education program for members of MWC-supported grassroots organizations. ·COC explores current events, history and trends that impact the community and the world at large. COC is straight-forward and accessible to people with varying educational and life experiences. COC sessions are led by MWC staff, ·LIFFT members, as well as visiting guests and allies to the organization. Some of the past topics include:

  • World Social Forum
  • Gentrification
  • Colonialism, Imperialism and Globalization
  • White Supremacy and Racism
  • Land Struggles and Global Movements
  • Homophobia
  • Black and Brown Solidarity

Rotating Organizing Corps Internship Training (ROC-IT)

Rotating Organizing Corps Internship Training (ROC-IT) is a paid internship program for aspiring community organizers. We are accepting applications now!

In three months, interns learn how to conduct outreach within the community, recruit members,· organize and facilitate meetings, become effective public speakers, and how to develop campaigns to address critical community issues.·MWC also offers an Advanced ROCIT program for members who wish to further expand their skills to administration and strategic planning.

Since its inception in 2001, ROC-IT has trained nearly 30 grassroots organizers. Five of them went on to graduate from the Advanced ROC-IT program and currently participate on LIFFT's steering committee.