Organizing. Consciousness. Power.

The work of the Center is firmly rooted in particular communities, struggles, and geographic areas within Miami-Dade county.  Our power is in the strength of our members and leaders in those areas. Still, we see ourselves as active and engaged members of not only our neighborhoods, but also as members of the global community. We feel a responsibility to exert our power and voice in our global community, but we fundamentally recognize that we can not ultimately find justice for our neighborhoods without building power regionally and internationally.  We work on multiple levels simultaneously, and we feel it is critical to balance and compliment the work we do in our neighborhoods with our efforts to take on the critical issues of war, national and international policy, and structures and systems of power that define all of our work.

To this end we have always been active participants in the World Social Forum and even played a convening role in the first United States Social Forum in the summer of 2007.  We are one of the founding organizations of the the Right to the City Alliance, and we participate in Grassroots Global Justice Alliance.