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There Has Never Been A Better Time To Salute Womanhood

International Women's Day was birthed out of the unrest and dissatisfaction of many generations of women. These periods of agitation, time and time again, have propelled us forward for many years. From the uprising of Black and Brown women, we have created affordable housing, equal pay, women's suffrage, Civil Rights, and we are still unsatisfied.

In accordance with our Femme Agenda, we believe in a movement that is guided and centered by the experiences and power of working-class Black and Brown women. These are the women and femmes that are at the whims of bad legislation and politics and are last to reap the benefits of good legislation. 

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On this International Women's Day, we salute our members that push our ideologies to the margins and inspire us to work towards tangible freedom in this lifetime. We salute domestic workers that make all work possible. We salute the bravery and survivorship of women and femmes that fall victim to all forms of violence in their workplace and in their homes. We salute women that are responsible for all of the invisible labor while caring for our homes, our children, and our elders. 

As far as we have journeyed, there is still more work to be done. Here at the Miami Workers Center, we are committed to fighting for our bodies, our families, and our homes. We believe in: affordable housing, comprehensive sex education in our schools, immigration policies that keep our families together, gender justice, comparable pay for comparable work, and an elimination of the conditions of poverty. 

Today and beyond, we will use our Femme Agenda to move campaigns that influence policy and power. We will continue to engage in cross-cultural and creative tactics to create sites of resistance and protest that link low-income communities of women to power. Now, we will ensure that we are full participants in this democracy, demanding and organizing for the same rights and recognition afforded to so many other groups.

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