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BLUE Institute Came To Miami

The Femme Agenda hosted a campaign management training facilitated by The BLUE Institute. This exclusive training was for a new generation of women and non-binary leaders of color who are politically engaged but considering expanding their efforts by running for office in the future. 20 people participated in the BLUE Institutes rigorous curriculum which offered a deep insight and training on campaign management and policy with an intentional focus on sociological systems of thought, race, and culture. As alumni, trainees leave the institute ready to lead aggressive and inclusive issue and electoral campaigns across local, state and national races. 
The mission of BLUE Institute is to bring more young people of color to the leadership of progressive campaigns by diversifying campaign staff to reflect constituencies is critical for winning new voting blocs. BLUE Institute states, “The South and Southwest are the fastest growing areas in the country, and they provide tremendous opportunities for new electoral victories. However, the staff composition of any electoral campaign, particularly those for progressive candidates, must reflect the demographics of the communities we seek to serve. Progressives in these newly competitive areas will win because of voters of color; therefore, the diversity of the campaign structure is crucial to spark loyalty between the candidate and the voter. But this is often not reflected in today’s campaigns... until now." 

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